From raw materials to colours and brushes. From designing a brand to photography and filmography. That long black cloud is a design studio & interactive space, based in Thessaloniki, Greece, and founded by the multi-awarded Mike Rafail. After 20 years of experience in the field of graphic design, the creation of this space was always the dream, and now it is here to host graphic design, photography, filmography, and to also invite the artists and present their work through exhibitions, lectures, installations, afternoon music sessions and more. Follow that long black cloud, say a hello.


Mike Rafail is:

a multidisciplinary designer, expert in the fields of Graphic Design, photography and video. Born in Thessaloniki, February 1980. Basketball player for half of his life and graphic designer the other half. Graduated from “Pithagoras”-Graphic design school (2001). Part of Multi-awarded Beetroot Design Group for 16 years (2001—2017). Freelancer 2017-2019.


He is now:

Founder of That Long Black Cloud,
Design Studio-Interactive Space
Thessaloniki, Greece
(June 2020)


Multi-Αwarded (2019) at:

EBGE (Greek Design and Illustration Awards) with
Grand Award-Graphic Design, Award, & Merit


He was:

Former Visual Art director
of Kalamata International Dance Festival 2017-2019 \

Former Visual Art director
of Fighting Monkey/Rootlessroot 2011-2020


Some of his graphic design services:

Culture Festivals-Events
Visual Art direction
Exhibition design
Key visuals

Corporate publications-exhibitions
Environmental graphics

Video, Filmography


Collaborated with:

Giorgos Christianakis, Simos Kakalas, Martha Frintzila,
Vassilis Mantzoukis, Dinos Sadikis, Tilemachos Mousas,
Rootlessroot, Elias Kounelas, Camilo Bentacor.. and many


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